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Whether you have a bad water heater, toilet problems, a clogged drain, electrical issue or you need a new walkway, contact SAK to get it done!

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We handle all of your electrical issues, no how big. Click to get an estimate today!

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We can help you with any plumbing issues from clogged sinks to pipe replacement.

S.A.K. Electric & Plumbing Inc.

In 1989, we opened up the electrical business. Since then we have developed business in the plumbing, concrete and excavation fields. We opened the plumbing division in 1991, the concrete division in 1993 and the excavation division in 1996. We incorporated in 1996 and we hired professionals (in their respective trade ) to manage each division. all divisions are licensed and bonded. We currently offer electrician, plumbing & excavating services in Apache Junction, Mesa and surrounding areas.

Our scope of work is diverse. From service work to new home construction, to new commercial buildings and everything else in between.

Our Services

We offer residential and commercial electrician, plumbing & excavating services.


As experienced electricians we make everyday repairs, yet we also perform major remodeling and construction projects to meet both everyday and specialty service needs.


Faucet dripping or leaking? Toilet a catastrophy? Have you found yourself without hot water? Our service techs deal with these problems all the time. Don’t be shy, let us come by.


Get expertise and hands-on knowledge. From site preparation to trenching and grading, we achieve results with the right equipment & attention to detail. Swift execution, committed to safety & finish on schedule.

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Why Choose Us?

We are thankful to have such great customers that value the work we do.


We make it our mission to make sure your questions are answered and to perform the highest quality work.


We pride ourselves on our honesty and the respect we give to each other and every of our customers.


Integrity and reliability are the basis of our business ethics, you can depend on us to get the job done.


Our company and staff are highly trained & deliver professional services in a compassionate manner.

Customer Reviews

We are thankful to have such great customers that value the work we do.


Kim Godown

"S.A.K. Electric sent out a Tech within 24 hors of my original call. Very Professional I would Definitely recommend them to all of my homeowner friends."


Jim Miller

"Jim arrived on time and was joy to have around! He worked hard and fast. The job was done very professionally in a short amount of time. My next electrical need will be solved with a call to SAK Electrical. Thanks for all your help."


Kristi Boddy

"S.A.K. Installed three ceiling fans and did an exceptional job. They are honest and dependable and we highly recommend! It’s great to have a local business we can rely on."


Judy Dalessandro

“S.A.K. technician John was an honorable and ethical person. It was a pleasure doing business with S.A.K. I will gladly refer your services to others and indeed, use again if the need arises.”


Don Enz

"The electricians showed up on time, went right to work, and did an excellent job. They were efficient and provided superior work."


Henry Brown

"Very satisfied. Very friendly and professional as well as a good electrician."

S.A.K. Electric & Plumbing Inc.

Experienced since 1980, we became ROC licensed in 1989. We then branched out and started doing plumbing in 1991. Branching out again we started doing concrete in 1993. We then incorporated 1996 becoming the S.A.K. you know today. We currently offer electrician, plumbing & excavating services. We would love to show you what 40 years of experience can do for your project.

S.A.K. Electric & Plumbing Inc.

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