The SAK Family

SAK Electric & Plumbing Inc. has been serving the East Valley for over 40 years. Starting out as an electrical contracting company, word spread about the quality service we provide. This led to expansion into plumbing & concrete services. That success forged a company and a business family who is active in service to our community.

As a multi-trade business, we save our customers time, effort, and the headache of sourcing multiple companies to complete their projects. SAK professional plumbers and electricians are available to assist you in any emergency or situation requiring our expertise. We look forward to helping you with your plumbing and electrical needs.

Meet the Owners

Emily, an Arizona native, and Joe Hammer are transplants from the Northwest, with deep roots in the Arizona Desert. Emily and Joe find purpose growing family-friendly businesses that thrive with their communities while supporting the military, local law enforcement and first responders.

With years of experience owning & operating construction businesses, Emily and Joseph appreciate and identify with SAK’s original customer-centric business focus. By maintaining that focus while fostering a positive work culture, we directly impact our customers' experience and set ourselves apart from the competition.

With the Hammers at the helm, SAK continues building a reputation for being a family-first enterprise providing quality service across the East Valley.

Why Choose SAK

SAK Electric & Plumbing Inc. approaches each job with expertise and dedication. When you contact us, you are in the hands of professionals. We are there when you need us, arrive on time, explain the job at hand, and what costs are entailed. We work efficiently and economically so you can get back to your daily life.

Your 100% satisfaction is the number one goal at SAK Electric & Plumbing Inc.

We’re Licensed, Bonded, and Insured


S.A.K. Electric & Plumbing Inc.

Experienced since 1980, we became ROC licensed in 1989. We then branched out and started doing plumbing in 1991. Branching out again we started doing concrete in 1993. We then incorporated 1996 becoming the S.A.K. you know today. We currently offer electrician, plumbing & excavating services. We would love to show you what 40 years of experience can do for your project.

S.A.K. Electric & Plumbing Inc.

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