Kristofer Royer

“Six outlets in my kitchen stopped working. I tried all the basic stuff myself (breakers, reset buttons, etc), but couldn’t fix it. SAK was highly recommended by a friend so I gave them a call on a Tuesday afternoon, they showed up promptly on Wednesday morning (they actually called and asked if they could be there an hour early, which was awesome).

The electrician was courteous, professional and efficient. He found the short inside the wall in about 10 minutes and fixed it in another 20. He explained what he was doing every step of the way and even showed me some small wiring mistakes made by the home builder. I was able to pay the very reasonable fee on the spot with my credit card. Very convenient.

The next day I even got a call from their office to make sure all was well. It was clear to me that they stand behind their work. I would recommend them to anyone.”