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Licensed by the Arizona Registrar of Contractors since 1989, so whether you’re working on a home project or need an upgrade, our licensed contractors have seen it all and will provide the best solution for all your water softener needs.


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Water Softener Installation & Repair Services

SAK delivers award-winning service for a wide range of water softener projects or repairs. We live in a hard water desert. With a proper water softener you’ll notice a dramatic reduction of mineral build up in your faucets, sinks, bathtubs, and showers. Your dishes will be cleaner, and your laundry will have less residue. Installing a water softener also means your appliances like dishwashers, washing machines, and coffee makers will last longer.

Signs You Need a Softener

Hard water leaves behind mineral deposits in your pipes, faucets, shower heads, washing machine and appliances. These deposits, over time, will cause backups, and corrosion to your plumbing system. Hard water build up may lead to a few different problems including:

  • Clogged faucets or showerheads
  • Pressure imbalances
  • Reduced heating from the water heater
  • Poor water flow in clothes washers and dishwashers
  • White or yellow spots on drains and faucets
  • Banging or popping noises coming from the water heater
  • Soapy residue in the tub or clothes washer
  • Dry skin and dull hair

S.A.K. Does It All!

If you are seeing any signs that your water heater is having issues, SAK Electric Plumbing professionals are here to help.

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"Fantastic, friendly, quick and high quality service. Love my new lighting!”

“S.A.K. Electric sent out a Tech within 24 hrs of my original call. Very Professional I would Definitely recommend them to all of my homeowner friends.”

“From the minute I spoke with S.A.K till they finished the job I was impressed. My service person Aaron was amazing. He was VERY professional, knew what needed to be done and did it. Thank you S.A.K. and Aaron for a job well done and for making the installation process a breeze”

“Jim came and installed a plug for an electric car, he was professional, fast and friendly, highly recommend :)“

Our Services Include

  • Whole Home Water Softener Installation
  • R/O Drinking Water Systems
  • Water Softener Repair & Troubleshooting

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